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Hello and welcome to my campaign website! My name is Rhea Mehta and it would be my honor to serve Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) as the 2020-2021 North Central Vice President. I pledge to perform duties for FBLA with my highest levels of hard work, dedication, and compassion. 


Ohio FBLA State President 

 2020 - 2021

Senior Recognition Videos-

Helped put together an Ohio FBLA Senior Recognition Video, acknowledging and congratulation the Class of 2020 or their FBLA accomplishments
Social Media Posts-

Designed and created social media posts for the Ohio FBLA Instagram (@ohiofbla-pbl) promoting the 2020 National Leadership Experience 

Program of Work- 

Created the Program of Work for the 2020-21 Ohio FBLA State Officer Team 

William Mason High School Speech & Debate


Co-Captain for the High School Team 

6th Place at the Ohio Speech and Debate Association 2019 State Tournament out of 68
Event Leader of Declamation-

Taught members how to write and find well-structured scripts utilize hand gestures, facial expressions, and voice modulations to deliver a professional speech

Ohio FBLA State Parliamentarian


I have had the opportunity to complete several projects alone and with the help of my 19-20 State Officer Team. This year we have increased membership, reactivated chapters, created resources for local chapters, and spend over 6 months planning the State Leadership Conference.  

Workshops at SLC -

Collaborated with other officers to create our own workshop at the 2020 Ohio State Leadership Conference 
Webinars -

Helped to create and present at webinars for members all over Ohio regarding the 2020 Ohio State Leadership Conference
Social Media Posts -

Designed and created social media posts for the Ohio FBLA Instagram (@ohiofbla-pbl) promoting events such as the World of Opportunity Scholarship, webinars, and the 2020 Ohio State Leadership Conference 
Sponsorships from local businesses -

Devised plans to seek local business sponsorships from across Ohio by reaching out to business managers

FBLA Public Speaking National Qualifier

2019 - 2020

2nd place for Public Speaking in Ohio (2020)

Smiles for Service Coordinator


Reached out to various organizations nationwide for assistance in how to successfully start the non-profit financially and applied for grants 

Leaned the ins/outs of a startup 501(c)(3)

William Mason High School Webmaster


Manage web page, keep meeting minutes and further promote business-related topics



 Launch a Regional Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Future Business Leaders of America must be perceptive to the challenges surrounding environmental issues. These challenges are faced on a local, state, and international scale. I plan to collaboratively bring together corporations, FBLA chapters, regional environmental policymakers and more to host a large scale event during which these different groups of leaders come together to share their solutions.


Forge Partnerships between State and Collegiate Chapters 

Less than 4% of High School FBLA members go on to compete at the Collegiate (Phi-Beta Lambda or PBL) level. I propose that a mentorship program will allow for FBLA members to interact with PBL members. This will ultimately allow them to ask questions about college, business professions, and build their interest in joining PBL or the professional division.


Improve Membership Recruitment and Retention 

Only about 40% of 1st year FBLA members that attend the State or National Leadership Conferences, return for a 2nd time. I plan to change these numbers as the North Central Region Vice President. To increase membership recruitment and retention, I propose to create an exit survey for members that are leaving the organization to collect data about their experience and why they chose to leave. Additionally, I will contact professional business teacher associations for high school teachers to directly connect teachers with FBLA, thereby, increasing their students’ exposure to FBLA.

"Rhea Mehta is such a hardworking and passionate person. She has amazing leadership skills and is able to bring the best out of everyone she works with. Rhea would be an incredible leader especially because of her incredible work ethic and bright personality."

"Rhea has shown exemplary leadership in the classroom and always has been the one to initiate new projects/activities. As a leader, she often lets everyone share their ideas and tries to formulate a viable solution to solve the problem in hand." 

"Rhea is a natural-born leader and has consistently shown her commitment to FBLA. She repeatedly proves her ability to add value to the program and advance opportunities for the rest of her peers. She has served on the Ohio FBLA State Officer Team with me and I can attest to the face that she would make an invaluable addition as a leader."

Rhea Mehta being the 2020-2021 Ohio FBLA President has already made a lasting impression. Rhea Mehta has shared her courage and fearless leadership skills with FBLA members all over Ohio. Being a friend and teammate with Rhea, has shown me her kindness, courage and unitive attributes.

"Rhea introduced FBLA to me during sophomore year and made me fall in love with the organization. When it came time to plan Ohio SLC, she devoted a lot time and effort into it and made it a really rewarding experience for our FBLA members. As Ohio FBLA President she has committed to expanding FBLA further and would be an amazing leader."


Live Schedule

Hello! Please join me at my live sessions today on Instagram and Facebook to ask me question and get to know more about my campaign!



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